Zarra's Red is the new black

Health Clearances


  • Eyes:

    • Cleared at 8 weeks

    • CEA/CH - normal/normal

    • PRA - normal/normal

    • HSF4 - mutant/normal

  • Hips: OFA Good

  • Elbows: Normal

  • Shoulders: Normal

  • MDR1: normal/normal

  • DM: normal/normal

PawPrint Genetics Report

OFA results

Vital Statistics

Registered Name:  Zarra's Red is the New Black DNA-VP
Call Name:  Prima
Owned by:  Erika Maurer and Dave Grubel, Slipstream (CA)
Bred by:  Michael and Karen Black, Zarra (TX)

DOB:  April 18, 2016
Breed: Australian Shepherd
Color:  RED! Tri
Reproduction: Intact
Tail:  Docked
Dentition:  Full, scissors
COI: 8.71% over 30 generations

Height: 19”
Weight: 36 lbs


Registration and DNA Profiles

  • Demanding Red Panda (DRP)

  • The Pard, or just 'Pard (thanks to Perry DeWitt and, indirectly, Soshana Dos!)

  • Nutter Butter

  • Arena Rules

  • Evil Knievel (she's not evil, she's just adventurous!)

  • Red

  • Gremlin

  • Pumpkin (as in, "awwww, poor Pumpkin!")

  • Party of One

  • ASCA

    • Registration No. E196185

    • DNA-VP (verified parentage)

  • AKC

    • Registration No. DN45942901

  • USDAA # U154160

About Prima

What to say about Prima ... She is a LOT of dog in a not-quite-so-little but very powerful RED package.  She has opinions and can be quite vocal about them (fits right in with our pack).  Thanks to genetics, she has springs and can flat-foot up to my nose without appearing to exert any effort.  As a pup, she works her fitness core daily by perching on the plastic doghouse outside the living room window to check out what was going on inside if left outside too long.  She loves her toys and feels they deserve a good toy parade each time she engages with them.  Tug is great, too, as is food - I just need to make sure reinforcement appears promptly to keep her engaged! 

She is a bit reserved with new people (who always want to admire her, it seems!), but when greeting her expanding inner circle she is quite effusive, sometimes to a nuisance level.  It looks like she wants to explode with excitement when she recognizes one of her human friends!  We didn't do a good job of teaching her to keep "4 on the floor" so she is a full contact / pogo greeter and with the rainy season, that has meant muddy paws have been involved (apologies to all who have been affected!).  She is very protective of her home front, and will alert authoritatively if she detects intruders on her property.

Prima's mom, 7, needs little introduction in the Western ASCA circles and comes from the Hayden x Mattie cross that I have admired for a long time.  7 excels at everything she does, but of course has to perform each task with her own flair and her daughter is no different. 7 has her ASCA CH, RTCH and ATCH+ and is building on her obedience and working titles.  She is a busy girl, and her daughter (jokingly called "3.5" when she was born first in the litter!), wants to follow in her mother's footsteps.  Hopefully her trainers and handlers can keep up, but not sure when we will get her to work with livestock on a regular basis.    Prima's dad, Case, comes from the Midwest and is a very accomplished dog as well - in addition to CH and RTCH2 titles he is titled in stock and agility and is also a multiple MVA qualifier.  In 2018 Case earned his WTCH and SVCH!  He has also produced some very lovely and talented dogs. 

I feel remiss that I didn't capture Prima's puppyhood enough in photos or videos.  She is just SO funny but also such a handful that the camera or even the iPhone weren't the first thought when she was on the loose.   We spent a lot of time just learning to work and live together.  While I want my dogs to be "agility dogs" and "obedience dogs" when they grow up, it's really important to me that they get to just grow up and learn to enjoy and feel comfortable with their surroundings first.  Other than with my first dog I've never felt the need to rush to compete or train the dog beyond our mutual abilities.  There are so many things I want to build first before testing it in the ring. 

For her first year, Prima has enjoyed attending several foundation classes, and even a couple seminars (oh if only I could charge admission for spectators!), but overall we are really just learning to be a team and to me that is the most important part of the equation.   Look for Prima in conformation and agility later this year perhaps, and maybe even obedience and rally rings several years from now!

I cannot thank Mike and Karen enough for entrusting me with Prima.  She is everything I wanted, but I am also reminded of the adage "be careful what you ask for!" She is definitely a handful, but she is already my teammate in life; in time we just need to learn how to do all those other things, too. 

Prima and her sibs running amok with the plastic bottle pool.  This clearly shows so many of her traits, and of course her sense of humor!

Pedigree of Zarra's Red is the New Black ("Prima")
SVCH WTCH CH RTCH Revelaire State Your Case RTX OA OAJ NF JS-E RS-E GS-O DNA-VP MACH2 ATCH Owen Inspired of Imagineer CD XF DNA-VP Ch Rushin' Bear of Imagineer DNA-VP E100148 Ch Captain Kidd of Imagineer DNA-CP E86694 Ch Imagineers Dreamcatcher STDs DNA-CP E60223
Ch Katzenjammer Kid of Imagineer CD STDs E53950
Eagle Creeks Prima Donna OA NAJ RV-O JV-O GV-N OAC OJC NGC DNA-CP E73479 Ch Starstuffs Still Crazy CD STDds E25705
Klines Two Dot Teddy E39738
Kizoku Briergreen Tantivy E103668 War Paint of Imagineer STDcs E88355 Ch Starstuffs Still Crazy CD STDds E25705
Fairoaks Jami Jo DNA-CP E69626
Ch Briergreens Charcoal Briquette E76345 Ch Triblue Where Theres Smoke E65608
Briergreens Bright of Triblue E56875
HOF A-CH Revelaire Elegance by Stargate RA JJ-O GJ-N RJ-O DNA-VP Alibis Hes the Man Alibis Man In Blue Ch My Main Man of Heatherhill E37175
Ch Alibi Kep the Dream Eaglerun E94095
Alibis What-A-Honey E57071 Ch Tri-Ivory Roquefort of Higgins CD E7258
Ch Alibis Just Darcy E39167
AKC/ASCA CH Stargates Ancient Heart NA NAJ JS-N DNA-CP AKC/ASCA CH Te Amos Top Gun Wild Child STDs CD CGC TDI E117055 Ch McMatts Ez Victor DNA-CP E84156
Timberwoods Secret Tux No Tail E104545
AKC/ASCA CH Sandy Acres the Grand Sophie Ch Wilmeths Flashman DNA-CP E66689
Sandy Acres Sabrina
ATCh-II RTCH CH Western Hills WhatsAfter6 STDs BN PCD CDX RTX AX AXJ OF DNA-VP HOF SVCH ATCH NATCH WTCH CH Roanoaks N Cahoots Reinflame AX JHDs DNA-VP E123708 U-CDX U-AGII Crown Point Red Rodeo Ray CDX AX AXJ GS-E GS-O JS-E AD FDCH DNA-CP E80948 WTCH Crown Point Ace of Spades RTDcs PATDcs DNA-CP E49384 Crown Point Kemo Sabe E30457
Crown Point Kk Khyan E32144
Crown Point Wild Flower E63395 WTCH Crown Point Crimson Tide PATDcs RTDcs DNA-CP E49383
Crownpoint Brandy Lee E36280
IntL CH Charismas Rei of Son DNA-CP E73748 Charismas Show Stopper E64521 Ch Maatt Dillion of Starcross E31919
Christmas Jewel of Starcross
Charismas Red Hot Ch Maatt Dillion of Starcross E31919
Little Tuff Stuff of Starcross E30630
HOF AKC/UKC Ch Western Hills Shutterbug Los Suenos DNA-VP HOF Ch Blue Isle the Criticsareraving STDd DNA-CP E101104 Ch Carolinas Rave Reviews CD STDc ATDds DNA-CP E85219 Ch Calais Outaoptions of Carolina STDs DNA-CP E61612
Ch Royal Aires Jillerooofcarolina E40932
Ch Friends Angel E70977 Ch The Man From Heatherhill E54314
Ch Mystery Girl of Heatherhill E48435
HOF Ch Private Stocs Maclovia DNA-CP E73123 Ch Windhills Shine On Macon E35214 Ch Tri-Bar Macon Whoopie E644
Windhills Rise & Shine E15978
Private Stocs Manzanita OTDc STDds DNA-CP E56649 Ch Parkhills Arrogant Dutchman E45544
Pamelas Manchada Rio Rojo DNA-CP E47257
Pedigree generated by

Below are a couple of videos of Prima's first year - when she attended the OMD seminar with Perry DeWitt she was just 9 months old and hadn't ever sequenced many obstacles (and certainly not with that many fancy moves!).  Note how much she keyed in on the 2nd course (Day 2) vs. the first!  #thissh*tworks     #MyDogIsAwesome

When she was 7 months old we also had her herding instinct tested while we were attending Cynosports in AZ - this was her first exposure to stock.