Pups Day 18

Or 17 days old ... depending on how you look at it.  Either way we look at it, they are awfully cute and we can spend hours just watching them.  They are getting closer to being able to walk but certainly won't win any movement classes with their gaits.  They are also starting to mouth eachother and explore the limits of the whelping box.  

Some of them are already loving (or at least very curious about) the camera!  Another common theme is that their heads get very heavy when filled with thoughts of escape ... so they must rest them on something.  And ... in case anyone is keeping score from our FaceBook posts, Mr Green continues to be *quite* vocal. 

Most of these photos were shot this morning with natural light since their eyes have recently opened and are not ready for full on blasts of light/flash.  The pups also got to enjoy a laundry basket ride to the auxiliary area (swimming pool in ex pens) while we cleaned up the main area. 

Check below for Dave's video of the walking adventures! 

This is the last update for a bit as we are heading back into the work week, but please enjoy!