4 weeks old today!

Boca's pups are 4 weeks old today.  They have had a busy week with lots of new experiences; they are developing a bit more coordination, eyesight and hearing and starting to show individual traits.  They are also playing more and getting into little spats which end quickly and generally peacefully when they all fall asleep. 

They had several visitors on Tuesday as it was our raw food co-op's delivery day at our house.  The pups were exhausted by the end of the day (we win!). 

They continue to get new things to interact with in their pens and we have started feeding them warmed goat milk.  They LOVE it! 

For those keeping score since we have been remiss in providing individual updates...

  • Q unofficial first out of the whelping box (disqualified due to an assist from Boca) and really vying for "most photogenic"; also the heaviest (don't give him a complex)
  • Money Penny official 'first out of the whelping box' winner!  And while originally a bit of a wallflower (resting on her laurels from arriving first on whelping day), she is now quite the schemer. 
  • Mr Green first to do the mini teeter; has quieted down somewhat (yes he gets held), but will still scream at the barriers; likes to motor, sleep, eat and WAG. 
  • Vesper first to howl and in the lead for "first to instigate puppy cage match war", but Money Penny is annoyed at this and scheming to unseat her
  • Electra continues to maintain her lead over Q and Mr Green for the "most love of the GoPro" and also, befitting her collar color, the one who screams when she doesn't get her way (think "I want an Oompa Loompa NOW!") 

If you are in the Northern California area and want to visit, please contact us!