Pups arrived today!

We welcomed the pups to our home today. 

(See previous posts for the birth number/color/Bond theme names). 

Thank you so much to Gina Campodonico for taking care of Boca and her pups for the past week+ !  Now that Erika is back from out-of-town travel we are able to care for Boca and her pups in our home.  They are all set up in Dave's office and are getting comfy in Donna Highstreet's whelping box that has been used by Star, Rubi and Tahoe for their litters. 

Thanks also to everyone who is rooting for the little guy (aka Odd Job).  He is still with us and fighting but faces an uphill battle due to his size.  He is gaining weight now but is very far behind the other black pigs.  You can see him nursing here on the very left.