Another milestone

The pups are 7 weeks old today.  They are a lot of fun and they have honed their sense of adventure as they love to explore new areas of the yard.  They have had a full week of new obstacles in the pen (loved the ball pool), new foods and new visitors (including an impromptu visit by 5 awesome neighborhood kids who took puppy selfies!). 

They continue to gain skills or refine existing ones, such as:  

  • using the water bowl as a finger bowl (I guess their feet were dirty)
  • digging
  • eating plants
  • digging
  • chewing anything and everything, especially if it has been pulled into the play area through the ex pen
  • puppy karaoke at 5 am
  • chewing
  • digging in the water bowl
  • attacking pant legs, feet, and flesh

The rainy days and colder weather have limited their outdoor time, but we continue to do clicker work with them and give them some individual time, frustration exercises, plus increased exposure to our other adult dogs who are surprisingly tolerant.  The litter box is still quite successful -- I am a convert even if Vesper isn't.   I also love the breakaway collars - Electra's and Q's are the ones most frequently found loose (and being used as a chew toy) this week. 

The pups have another busy week ahead of them - more visitors,  conformation evaluation, temperament test, grooming, eye exam, vet exam and then they will start to go to their new homes. Whew!

And since Jody asked on FB how these pups compared to the litter of Boca and her sibs, I'm sharing a link to some photos I took of the Rubi x Taiko litter at 1 day and 8 weeks here

Yes, I am behind in posting older photos (but at least I have them somewhere), but here are a few photos from the past week: