2018 USDAA Wild West Regional results

We had a great time at the Wild West Regional!  Below are our results:

  • Cadence:
    • 2nd place PVP with Shar Henry and Rev'n
    • 2nd place 20" PGP with a bye
    • 20" PSJ bye (4th place)
    • 20" Performance Biathlon Q (5th place)
    • Qd in all of her runs!
  • Boca:
    • 3rd place PVP with Katrina Parkinson and Fawkes
    • 2nd place 20" Performance Biathlon
  • Elektra:
    • 1st place 22" Grand Prix round 1, finishing up her Qs for Cynosports!  If you're FaceBook friends with Dave, you can see the run here.
  • Trillian:
    • 3rd place 20" Biathlon
  • Prima:
    • Yes, she was there!  She did some crazy things, and also did some brilliant things.  Just need to put all the brilliant things together for one run!

See results and podium photos on the USDAA website.