Criminal Minds

When we posted the first group photo at 4 weeks, my friend Terry LeClair commented on FB that it was 'baby's first police line-up'.  We figured they would earn that setup sooner or later, so Marci and Thomas (SunRunner Photography) came over to shoot the puppy line-up at 6 weeks. 

Photo by Marci Thomas, SunRunner Photography

From L to R:

  • MoneyPenny:  Charged with hit and run (ignoring the pup-pup recall)
  • Vesper:  Charged with public indecency (inappropriate potty behavior)
  • Electra:  Charged with reckless driving (ankle biting and sneak attacks)
  • Mr Green:  Charged with possession of stolen property (food hog)
  • Q:  Charged with breaking and entering (escaping the ex pen and invading the bedroom)


Today we had to say goodbye to little Odd Job (the tiny boy born 2nd).  I know we all did everything we could to help him, but in the end it wasn't meant to be.  We know he had a lot of support and for that we thank you. 

The past few days have also shown us new beginnings.  The other 5 pups continue to be fat and happy and are starting to open their eyes and actively explore the whelping box (and soon beyond the box if we aren't careful).  They are also quite vocal, as demonstrated during their ENS exercises which definitely elicited some strong opinions!

Here are a few photos of the pups taken over the past couple weeks. 

Money Penny, 1st born girl

Electra, 3rd born girl

Mr. Green, 4th born boy

Q, 5th born boy

Vesper, 6th born girl

As an aside ... I have a healthy newfound respect for the photographers who get great photos of young puppies - this is no easy task and clearly I must plan better than just grabbing for my phone when the pups look cute.