Criminal Minds

When we posted the first group photo at 4 weeks, my friend Terry LeClair commented on FB that it was 'baby's first police line-up'.  We figured they would earn that setup sooner or later, so Marci and Thomas (SunRunner Photography) came over to shoot the puppy line-up at 6 weeks. 

Photo by Marci Thomas, SunRunner Photography

From L to R:

  • MoneyPenny:  Charged with hit and run (ignoring the pup-pup recall)
  • Vesper:  Charged with public indecency (inappropriate potty behavior)
  • Electra:  Charged with reckless driving (ankle biting and sneak attacks)
  • Mr Green:  Charged with possession of stolen property (food hog)
  • Q:  Charged with breaking and entering (escaping the ex pen and invading the bedroom)