Boca in Covodongo, Spain May 2013

Boca in Covodongo, Spain
May 2013

Boca was created especially for Dave, thanks to our friends Liza Buckner (owner of Taiko) and Donna Highstreet (owner of Rubi) who collaborated to make us a puppy after Tahoe passed away.   Always the busiest in the litter, the last to sleep and the first to wake, we just knew which one was going to come home with us.  (Also, Donna is quick to point out that Boca was the only puppy that grandma Star went out of her way to discipline…).  Boca was a bit reckless as a puppy, sometimes exhibiting more drive than sense, and we frequently said, "she needs a helmet!".   She always gives 100%, that's for sure. 

The litter received puppy names inspired by the San Jose Sharks;  Boca's puppy name was "Pickles", named for Marc-Edouard Vlasic.  We decided that "Boca" was a good call name for her as we expected her to be vocal given how both of her parents ran agility.  Apparently pushiness on the startline is also genetic. 

Boca was a quick learner, and started to bark while working early on while doing restrained recalls.  Like her mother Rubi and grandma Star, she is the bossy Queen Bee of the household, and keeps us aware of any intruders into the cul de sac.  She travels well, emerging from her crate with a stretch and a wag, ready for her next adventure.  

Boca's lineage combines some of our favorite dogs, going back to Dave's first competition dog Tahoe, the outstanding stock dog Roper, the versatile Hayden and the oh so pushy and talented Star.  

Boca was bred to Buck for a litter born September 24, 2015.