Banner image (L to R):  Taiko, Tug, Boca, Rubi, Slyder (just missing Chime and Camper!)

Pedigree of Granite's Imperial Boca ("Boca")
ADCH ATCH MACH Slipstream's Imperial Drumbeat VCD2 ASCA CD/AKC CDX AKC/ASCA TDX RAE XF GCH RCH SCH-B SACH-B JCH TM-G CL3 EAC NJC TN-N TG-N CGC DNA-VP, "Taiko" HOF PCH WTCH ATCH 45 Ranch Wind Roper PATDs RTDsc CDX AX AXJ DNA-VP, "Roper" WTCH Windsongs Falcon RTDcs DNA-CP, "Fred" WTCH Windsongs Hurrah Cain CD DNA-CP WTCH Ch Windsongs Raisin Cain CD
WTCH Windsongs Shenanigan CD
Deharos Mijha OTDds ATDc WTCH Las Rocosa Charlie Glass CD RDx
WTCH Windsongs Seasoned Salt RDX
WTCH The Sting of Twin Oaks DNA-VP, "Sting" Twin Oaks Brandy Pii CD DNA-CP Twin Oaks Wimpy P I
Twin Oaks Soga
Twin Oaks Jubalee STDcds DNA-CP Las Rocosa Rogue OTDc
Ch Twin Oaks Spinner STDd
ADCH NATCH MACH ATCH AKC/ASCA CH Black Rocks Imperial Tarn CD HT DNA-CP, "Tahoe" Ch Private Stocs Task Force, "Forcer" Ch Amberwoods Arrogant Top Cat DNA-CP Ch Brigadoons One Arrogant Dude
Ch Bluecrest Topic of Conversation "Cookie"
Ch Sweet Illusions of Wilmeth "Trouble" Ch Windhills Shine On Macon
Ch Starswepts Shes A Doll
Ch Black Rock Exiled, "Exis" Ch Wild Tyke From Odyssey CD Ch Hemis Regal Request CD STDs OTDd
Ch Keepsake of Windermere
Ch Zuzaxs Coup De Grand Prix Ch Sand Canyons Coup De Main CD
Ch Promise of Odyssey
ADCH ATCH Granites Rubicon Star AKC/ASCA TDX DNA-VP, "Rubi" SVCH ATCH NATCH WTCH CH Roanoaks N Cahoots Reinflame AX JHDs DNA-VP, "Hayden" U-CDX U-AGII Crown Point Red Rodeo Ray CDX AX AXJ RS-E GS-O JS-E AD FDCH DNA-CP, "Rodeo" WTCH Crown Point Ace of Spades RTDcs PATDcs DNA-CP Crown Point Kemo Sabe
Crown Point Kk Khyan
Crown Point Wild Flower WTCH Crown Point Crimson Tide PATDcs RTDcs DNA-CP
Crownpoint Brandy Lee
Intl Ch Charismas Rei of Son(shine) DNA-CP Charismas Show Stopper Ch Maatt Dillion of Starcross
Christmas Jewel of Starcross
Charismas Red Hot Ch Maatt Dillion of Starcross
Little Tuff Stuff of Starcross
ATCH-SP Roanoaks Prairie Star STDs AKC/ASCA TDX CD DNA-VP, "Star" HOF WTCH Crown Point Stonewall Jackson RTDs DNA-CP Crown Point Kemo Sabe WTCH Ch The Hawk of Las Rocosa CD RDg
Crownpoint Tarcoola Blue RD STDc OTDds
Crown Point Kk Khyan WTCH LasRocosa Kubliakhan Crown Pt RDX
Crownpoints Just-A-Bear
HOF ASCA/AKC Ch Shercrest Zomething Different NA NAJ JS-N STDd DNA-CP, "Zima" Castles Days of Thunder Ch McMatts Where Theres Smoke
Ch McMatts Sarahs Crystle Castle
Shercrest Lady Ch Cobbercrests Shooting Star
Ch Wilmeths Princess She Ra CD

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Three generations!  Star, Rubi and Boca running at the same trial - SMART USDAA, Prunedale, CA.