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Photo by Cathy Bishop

Photo by Cathy Bishop

I had wanted a dog from Cathy Bishop / Caitland Aussies for many years. I remember watching Cathy's website for updates on the Bayley/Deuce litter as I had admired both dogs for some time.  Several years later, when the opportunity arose to get a pup out of Jinx, a bitch from that Bayley/Deuce cross, and sired by Ethan, no less, I jumped at the chance. Cathy took the most beautiful pictures of this litter, and she probably thought I was crazy when I didn't immediately commit to that stunning black tri puppy. My only hesitation was that Cadence was just TOO pretty and I wanted to make sure that I wasn't just being won over by her looks.  (We often joke about Cadence's looks … 'pretty is as pretty does').  

I flew up to Edmonton and drove out to Camrose to meet Cathy at an ASCA show there. While I have to admit that the day and Cadence and I met 'in person' wasn't complete magic, I still just knew (with Cathy's encouragement) that Cadence was right for me.  That pup continued to test me -- rebelling at her carry bag and screaming for the entire drive to the airport.  When she was released from the bag to go through security, everyone's heads turned to watch the pretty puppy get carried through the metal detector.  Whether it was sheer exhaustion or her recognition of the public attention and admiration she was receiving, she finally quieted down. Thank goodness the rest of the flight was peaceful!


Cadence entered our home and joined our pack as if she ruled it, and she tormented poor Trek. Killy was tolerant, but apprehensive.  Cadence seemed to be an old soul, more mature than her age, until Boca arrived and the puppy wrestling wars began.  They continue to be best buddies, but Boca makes sure that everyone is aware that SHE is the boss.  

Cadence is a quirky girl, and we have had to work through some stress issues that I didn't read correctly at first. She has taught me to be a better dog trainer, that is for sure.  She is a fierce tugger, VERY vocal in training and on course, and absolutely loves her frisbee.  She is also incredibly smart, learning things quickly in the right environment (and also learning things I didn't plan to teach her!).  She thrives with positive training, and despite all of her bravada I have to be careful not to drill her or show disappointment with her efforts, especially in the learning phase.  She keeps getting better as I learn how to read and handle her.  

Photo by Gadabout Photography

Photo by Gadabout Photography

I had never trained a running a-frame before, but gave it a shot and I just love the results -- I hope never to go back to a stopped a-frame.  We're still working on all the handling elements (turns away, discriminations), but the contact performance itself is such a relief it seems so effortless for her to do it correctly (most of the time!).  

Cadence got her ADCH in July 2013, a year after titling up to Masters.  She went from a dog that barely made Masters times to one who can now run a standard course at 5+ YPS and is a solid performer in the Masters Challenge classes.   Now to work on reclaiming that startline stay, a thing I let slip when we were working on other issues.  Never a dull moment!  

We've tried Rally, and we dabbled in conformation (thanks to Gina Stubblefield for showing her at the ASCA nationals in Bakersfield!).  We are also training in obedience and are currently working on her Open exercises. 

2012 ASCA Nationals Photo by Alpensky Photography Presented by Gina Stubblefield

2012 ASCA Nationals
Photo by Alpensky Photography
Presented by Gina Stubblefield