Cadence's brags



  • USDAA: 
    • Earned her ADCH-Gold and LAA-Gold
  • ASCA:
    • HIT Elite PASA April trial
    • HIT Veteran PASA Memorial Day trial
    • Earned ATCH3 along the way ...


  • AKC:
    • Qualified for 2018 AKC National Agility Championship (NAC) to be held in Reno next March!
  • ASCA:
    • HIT Elite at the April PASA agility trial in Turlock
    • Finished her CD and is on the hunt to qualify for Novice Obedience Finals in November with a 196.7 average
    • Finished her RN (with two X legs) and her RAX
    • Hopefully qualified for invitation to the 2017 ASCA Agility Finals in TX!
    • Nationals brags include:  3rd overall in Novice Obedience Finals; 1st place Rally Team with Lynne Sidwell/Seek, Karen Black/7 (Prima's mom!) and Carol Seastrunk and the handsome Ronin. 


  • USDAA:
    • Good Dog Agility Wild West Regional Jan 2016:  2nd place team with Dave Grubel/Boca and Laura Pryse/Stat and earned her ADCH-Silver and a GP SemiFinals bye!
    • Earned her LAA Silver (not sure when, but with the grandfathering of Biathlon Qs that put her over the limit probably in July!)
  • ASCA:
    • ASCA Nationals/Oregon: 
      • Took HIT Elite at the PASA pre-trial!  Thanks to Dave for running her!
      • Had a good Finals showing with 7th in Rd 1 but got skunked in the gamble (bad handling) and then stung by a bee before Rd 3!  She rebounded to take 9th in Rd 4. 
    • PASA November - earned her ATCH2, finished her RN and also got 2 legs towards her BN with two first places! 





MACH Cadence!  Photo by SunRunner Photography

MACH Cadence! 
Photo by SunRunner Photography


  • USDAA:
    • Bay Team Jan 2015:  2nd place team with Rachel Sanders/Gifted and Kelly Chaffin/Pete and earned her LAA Bronze
    • DART Southwest Regional April 2015:  GP Semifinalist
    • Bay Team June 2015:  3rd place team with Dave Grubel/Boca and Carol Bowers/Deenie
  • AKC:
    • Earned her MACH at the TRACS Memorial Day show
    • Qualified to attend the 2016 NAC in Tulsa, OK
  • ASCA:
    • Earned HIT Elite at the PASA August trial
  • UKI:
    • At the December Harmony Hill trial, she earned a bye to the Master Series Final at the 2016 US Open



  • USDAA:
    • Cynosports:
      • Qualified for 2014 Cynosports to be held in Morgan Hill in October - GP Q Video ;
      • Her team "Yabba, Dabba, Squirrel!" with Yukari Nishimura/Simba and Tracey Sirbello/Betty finished 40th out of 150 teams!

      • Grand Prix and Steeplechase semifinalist at Cynosports

    • Southwestern Regional, 2nd place DAM team overall - Zip It! (with Ivette White/Zip and Dave Grubel/Boca)

    • Western Regional, 3rd place DAM team overall - Zip It! (with Ivette White/Zip and Dave Grubel/Boca)

  • AKC:  All qualified to attend the 2015 AKC national agility championship in Reno!


  • 2013 Rocky Mountain USDAA Regional - Regional DAM team champion with Dave Grubel/Boca and Yukari Nishimura/Simba; Regional GP Semifinalist


ADCH, July 2013 - photo by Gadabout Photography

ADCH, July 2013 - photo by Gadabout Photography

US Dog Agility Association (USDAA)

  • Agility Dog Champion (ADCH), July 2013, ADCH-Bronze July 2014, ADCH-Silver January 2016
  • Lifetime Agility Award - Bronze, January 2015, - Silver, ?July 2016
  • Tournament Master-Platinum (TM-P)
  • Standard Champion-Gold (SACH-G)
  • Snooker Champion-Gold (SCH-G)
  • Gamblers Champion-Silver (GCH-S)
  • Jumpers Champion-Gold (JCH-G)
  • Relay Champion-Gold (RCH-G)

American Kennel Club (AKC) 

  • Master Agility Champion (MACH), May 2015
  • Master Excellent Bronze (MXB)
  • Master Agility Jumper (MXJ)
  • Time 2 Beat (T2B)
  • Excellent FAST (XF)

Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA)

  • ATCH (Agility Trial Champion)
  • ATCH2 (Agility Trial Champion-2)
  • BN - Beginning Novice Obedience
  • CD - Companion Dog
  • RN - Rally Novice
  • RAX - Rally Advanced Excellent