6 weeks fly by

I can't believe that the pups are 6 weeks old already (as of yesterday, Thursday 11/5). 

They are quite energetic - when I hear them wrestle in the other room or outside in their yard I always think that Dave is watching a Bruce Lee movie there are so many "crash, bang, POW!" sounds.  Nope, it's just the pups mauling each other and crashing into things as they figure it all out.

The uncharacteristic day of rain on Monday was a bit challenging as we were really enjoying giving them more room to explore in the outdoor yard.  We all survived entertaining them inside and hope that there is more rain in NorCal's future. 

They are learning to dig (that costs extra), and because they were so rambunctious we added foamed flooring to the concrete areas to soften the landing when they fly off of things.  They thought those foam panels were fun to chew, too.

We got our new breakaway collars from Jen Mangelos (thanks!) to replace the WhelpID velcro bands.  The score for missing collars is now 2-Electra, 1-MoneyPenny.  Guess they are taking on the big boys when we aren't watching but at least the breakaway fittings are working! 

They have continued to interact with new surfaces and obstacles - surprisingly the oriental rugs + hardwood variation in the hallway proved quite challenging initially but they all navigated it eventually and were very proud of themselves.  They get new toys daily (no donations needed - they have several bins' worth!) and we also vary the layout of the obstacles in the puppy yard to give them new problems to solve.  They have been introduced to the adventure box which is a big hit.  In the past couple days they have been given a few opportunities to explore the backyard freely outside the pen.  They love to run and check out all the vegetation (or what is left of it considering the drought).  

Boca continues to allow them to nurse now and then (and takes this job seriously), but they are also getting 3 meals a day to keep them fueled. 

The pups' individual characteristics continue to develop: 

  • MoneyPenny - continues to be scrappy, confident and exploratory but also rather independent.   She gets major kudos from me for being the most consistent to go out of her way to use the potty box.  In the past couple days she has been among the last ones to resolve the frustration exercises (releasing out of the ex pen but they have to find the gate opening for example), but recovers well and remembers for the next time.  She clearly thinks a lot about a puppy maul situation before jumping in - she seems to be assessing for when she can use her strengths against the bigger dogs.  She loves to carry toys and tug and often plays keepaway with the other pups.  She doesn't interact with everyone who visits but does return to solicit attention from people she connects with.  She is also occasionally the last one to respond to the Puppy Recall but also one of the first to make eye contact, bark and demand connection.  One to keep an eye on! 
  • Electra - continues to love the camera and just eye connection in general.  She wears what I call the "scorpion tail" when she tenses it above her as she inspects anything and everything.  With the attention span of a gnat, she would rather steal a bone from another than eat her own and is usually in the fray if there is one (and if there isn't she might try to create one).  She likes everything to be in HER order and if it isn't she will make sure it gets there quickly.  She is super busy investigating everything and one of the first to recognize our (or the camera's) presence.  She is also the one most likely to be heading me off with pouncy attempts to bite my feet as I wander through the pup area and among the last to settle down to rest.  
  • Mr Green - would really like to shed the 'fat kid' moniker and just be appreciated for who he is.  He is one of the most cuddly and people oriented of the pups, but definitely doesn't miss a meal (and even checks the bowl a couple more times just to be sure nothing was left behind).  He was also the first to figure out how to explore the second tier of the yard.  He was a bit of a resource guarder with his siblings (but not us) when first introduced to bones but is developing much more appropriate behavior to protect his interests without being ugly.  Still the waggiest (I am now considering this a word because it fits him) and friendly greeters of the bunch.  He has overcome his startle fear as well - it's now 'whatever' to most anything that comes his way.  He loves to tug and engage in a healthy battle with the other pups but thinks that those girls are a bit evil when they gang up on him. 
  • Q - is a jumper!  On the puppy recall he wants to jump into my arms at the end which is fine since he is under 10 lbs, but at full size that could be quite the endeavor.  He is also one of the most playful - loves to engage the toys (including the super annoying but I guess necessary animal noise babble ball inside a Holee Roller) and has a very cute wag/play bow/pounce sequence he rehearses often.  He does take the opportunity to beat up on the other pups at times, but will ditch them quickly for human interaction.  I've also noticed that when we have a lot of visitors he would rather 'sit out' at the end vs. being the one handled all the time.  He seems to prefer interacting with fewer people than a crowd but then again he's such a ham he always attracts attention, perhaps more than he can handle. 
  • Vesper - was the second to figure out how to get to the second tier of the yard and has become quite cute as she grows into those potentially very angry-looking eyebrows.  She loves to tug and varies between running solo to investigate things and then stirring up a good puppy war in the pen. She is the one most likely to be attacking my pantlegs as I walk through the pup area.  She is also one of the first to complain about 'game over' when we stop playing with them or repen them after a romp in the yard and is one of the last to crash. 

Below we will post photos from Oct 30 - Nov 5 (Days 37 - 43), hopefully in order this time! 

Oct 30 (Day 37): 

Nov 1 (Day 39)