The pups' 7th weekend

The pups are VERY adventurous!  We are exploring more areas of the full backyard and there are plenty of things there to get their attention.  We also had another jailbreak in the house in addition to the one from a week or so ago when the latch on the lower gate of the pen must have been loose.  Dave woke up one night to find 5 pups sleeping in the hallway and no harm done.  Whew. 

This Saturday morning we heard a ton of screaming (our usual morning serenade) so I rolled over to get up and see what was the matter.  Imagine my surprise when I found Q trotting up to my side of the bed (he had never been in our bedroom before!).  He has the pen-climbing strategy down now so we will no longer be leaving the top part of the split ex-pen gate open! 

The pups continue to have a steady flow of visitors and had another photo shoot with Marci Thomas of SunRunner Photography on Saturday. 

They are really enjoying the adventure box and were introduced to the Clifford slide and the ball pool this weekend.  Thanks so much to Pat White and Pam Flanagan for loaning us the gear!  The collection of water bottles continues to be popular and it certainly adds to the noises coming from the yard especially when they are wrestling (which is pretty much any time they are awake). 

Basically they attack anything new introduced to the pen.  So keep arms, legs etc., inside the vehicle at all times otherwise they will be the subject of puppy attention! 

Proper video to come (these things take time!) but for now - enjoy the water bowl adventures.