Boca and Buck's pups are here!

Thanks to our good friend, Gina Campodonico, for agreeing to help us whelp this litter.  When Boca came into season in July we just knew that her litter timing would be challenging for us work-wise but it was something we really wanted to do so we are thankful she helped us make it happen.

Boca moved to Gina's on Sunday Sept 20th to settle in, and by Wednesday the 23rd was restless and off her food.  On Thursday the 24th she started contractions and Gina phoned Dave to get there STAT! 

Pups starting arriving around 11:30 am.  Boca reacted a bit to her contractions ... #frenzied

Here's the final tally (and their James Bond movie-themed names):

  1. "Red" Girl, minimal white, "MoneyPenny"
  2. "Blue" Boy, some white, very tiny, "Odd Job" (RIP 10/10/2015)
  3. "Purple" Girl, blaze, "Electra"
  4. "Green" Boy, minimal white, "Mr. Green"
  5. "Pink" Boy, small blaze, "Q"
  6. "Brown" Girl, minimal white, "Vesper"

"Blue" boy is very tiny and is getting supplemental feedings.  We are all rooting for him!
UPDATE:  Sadly we had to let OddJob go on Oct 10.  See post from that date.