Bay Team 4th of July 2015

We had a great time in Prunedale!  The cool, foggy mornings and evenings are a pleasure at this time of year. 

The dogs ran great!  Our Team day started out a bit rocky but we rallied while others struggled with the Relay course and ended up taking 3rd overall - Podium!  And on a boat!

Thanks to Ivette White for the photo!  (L to R:  Carol & Deenie, Dave & Boca, Erika & Cadence)

On the non-team days, Boca won Biathlon, Trek got 4 Qs towards his LAA (but alas no Gamblers legs) and Cadence earned 9 Qs amid some much-needed startline schooling.  She now just needs 2 Gamblers Qs for her ADCH-Silver. 

Unfortunately our friend Liza was injured so we got to try running her dogs for her.  Erika and Taiko went 2/3, winning P3 Relay and taking 3rd in P3 Gamblers.  Dave and Monty had some great runs including 2nd in Steeplechase Rd 2, but not so much in the Q department as Dave learned to adjust to Monty's stride. 

We also took some time out for family photos since Boca's brother and parents were all at the trial. 

L to R:  Taiko, Boca, Tug and Rubi