December 2005

Happy Holidays!

From Dave & Erika and (L to R)   Trek  ,   Tahoe  ,   Killy   and   Chase

From Dave & Erika and (L to R) TrekTahoeKilly and Chase

December 30-January 2 Rancho Murieta, CA TRACS AKC agility trials

Chase gets 3 Double Qs, and now has 16 towards his MACH! He also takes 4th in 20" Ex B Std on Saturday. He also finishes the year in the USDAA Performance Top 10(SM) in Standard, Jumpers and Snooker!

Tahoe gets 3 Ex B JWW legs with very nice, fast runs, but teeters and tables keep her from tallying more QQs towards her MACH.

Taiko goes 6/6, earning his NA, NAJ, 3 1st places, 2 2nds and a 3rd in Novice B!!

December 30-January 2 Elk Grove, CA NADAC/ASCA agility trial

Sandia takes 1st and a Q in Nov B 20" Jumpers!

December 10-11 Paso Robles, CA Power Paws Winter Camp

Dude and Tahoe got to pose for pictures during one of the breaks:



December 3-4 Elk Grove, CA Haute Dawgs/Fun Paws NADAC/ASCA trial

Chase qualified for the ASCA All-Breed Agility Tour, sponsored by WCASA, to be held in Southern California in 2006; he ran well and wild throughout the weekend, with high placements.

Tahoe Qd in and won all her classes on Saturday, but two teeter flyoffs on Sunday kept her from tallying a perfect weekend.

Taiko and Liza tore up the Novice classes, winning Jumpers (both days), Tunnelers and earning 25 pts in Regular with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placements! He also earned his NJC JS-N.



November 25-27, Elk Grove, CA WAG CPE Trial

Taiko and Liza enjoyed their CPE debut, earning 7/9 qualifying legs, finishing Taiko's CL2-R title and leaving the weekend needing just 1 leg to qualify for 2006 CPE Nationals!

November 9-13, Scottsdale, AZ USDAA Grand Prix Championships

Chase and Tahoe's team, The Royal Bounty Hunters (with Tania Chadwick/Kidd WSD) had a great showing, with Kidd placing in Team Standard, and Chase and Tahoe running clean and steady in their team classes. The team finished 42nd out of over 200 teams in tough competition!

Thanks to his Regional Championships win in September, Chase ran in the National Performance Championships Finals, with a time that would have taken 4th (.04 off of the third place time!) but for a dropped bar. I was thrilled with his performance (and mine!) under the pressure of the Big Ring.

Erika and   Chase  , 2005 USDAA National Performance Championships Finalists

Erika and Chase, 2005 USDAA National Performance Championships Finalists

November 5-6, Phoenix, AZ Good Dog USDAA trial

Chase went into the weekend needing 5 Qs to finish the requirements for his USDAA Silver Lifetime Achievement Award (250 Masters/P3 level legs). He waited for P3 Snooker, the last class of the weekend, and got that 250th Q and also won the class!


October 15-16 Madera, CA Canine Agility Team USDAA trial

Chase earned 5Qs (most with placements), including his 1st National Performance Championships qualifier for 2006!

October 8-9 Dixon, CA Haute Dawgs USDAA trial

Chase earned 3 Qs (Masters Gamblers, Masters Pairs and P3 Snooker), finishing his Gold Relay Championship! Thanks to Holly Newman and Jasmine for a great run.


September 24-25 Woodland, CA TRACS USDAA trial

Chase got a P3 Snooker Super Q and 1st place in P3 Standard thanks to handlers Naomi Harada and Dave

Tahoe only played on Sunday and took 4th in 22" Masters Jumpers!

September 17-18 Turlock, CA VAST USDAA trial

Chase got to play while Erika was out of town on business; good friend Karey Krauter did an outstanding job handling him, earning 4 Qs on the weekend, with 3 1st places! He won P3 Standard both days as well as the Perf National Standard Championships local qualifier and gave Karey a wild ride in Snooker for a non-placing Q.

September 3-5 Sunnyvale, CA Bay Team USDAA Grand Prix Regional championships

Chase and Tahoe's Team, The Royal Bounty Hunters (with Tania Chadwick/Kidd BC) took 14th overall out of 65 teams for a Q and respectable showing.

Chase got 6Qs for the weekend (P3 Snooker, Standard and Jumpers, all 2nd places; DAM and Perf GP and Masters Gamblers). The Masters Gamblers Q earned him his ADCH-Silver (25 legs in each of the core Masters/Tournament classes)!! He also *won* round 2 of the Perf GP (OK, the National Performance Standard Championship) so has earned a spot in the Finals to be held in Scottsdale in November!!

Tahoe got 5Qs (DAM, GP, Steeplechase, Jumpers and Gamblers) and earned another bye into the GP Semifinals to be held in Scottsdale.

Trek was captured in digital art by Richard Todd. Enjoy the proofs of the shots on Richard's site, here. (Trek photos are from #2707 to #2787).


August 28-29 Prunedale, CA SMART USDAA trial

Chase got 5 Qs (2x P3 Snooker with placements, Masters Gamblers and Pairs with Naomi Harada and Cruiser (BC) and Championship GP) He's now just 1 Masters Gamble Q away from his Silver ADCH.

Tahoe got 6 Masters Qs (2x Gamblers, Snooker, Steeplechase, Grand Prix and Pairs with Cindi DiFranco and Kate (Kelpie))

August 13-14 Petaluma, CA Countywide AKC trial

Chase got Qs in Jumpers both days but Standard was not meant to be; Tahoe went 3/4 getting QQ # 14
After the trial on Saturday they got to go run wild at Dillon Beach with Annabelle and Taiko. Check out the pictures of their wild run here.

August 6-7 Prunedale, CA PASA NADAC/ASCA trial

Tahoe, Photo by   Doghouse Arts

Tahoe, Photo by Doghouse Arts

Chase was generally naughty, breaking startlines and flying off contacts so has little to show for the weekend. (Perhaps it was the chiro adjustment that had him feeling his oats?)

Tahoe won Elite Reg Rds 1 and 2 and Jumpers on Saturday and Qd all day Sunday including both gambles. She was one placement point out of Elite and overall HIT. Not bad for the couch potato!

Trek Qd in both Tunnelers and Jumpers on Saturday, but was a bit wild on Sunday. No matter the Q, he definitely makes an impression!


July 23-24 Ferndale, CA AKC Agility trials

Chase went 3/4, bringing home his 13th QQ towards his MACH and two 2nd and one 3rd place ribbons!

Tahoe took 4th in Ex B JWW on Sunday and ran well in her other runs (despite handler errors)

July 15-17 Vancouver, WA USDAA Regional Championships

Chase and Tahoe's team 'Idiot's Delight' (with Bump/Karey Krauter) took home a Q based on a great relay run and other solid team performances.

Chase won P3 Jumpers, took 5th in Team Snooker, 7th in Team Gamblers, and also got his 2nd Perf National Championships Q - we're all set for Scottsdale now! He also got another leg in Masters Gamblers.

Tahoe took 5th in Masters Gamblers, 8th in Steeplechase Rd 2 (in the money, and a good showing for a field of 80+ dogs), got a bye into the Grand Prix Semifinals, and ran fast and clean for the team in all but 1 run.

Trek won P1 Jumpers for his 3rd Q and his first title (PJ1)!

July 2-3 Moorpark, CA Happy Dog USDAA trial

Chase and Tahoe's team the Royal Bounty Hunters (with Kidd/Tania Chadwick) took 2nd place overall out of 32 teams! The team had a great outing, with Kidd taking two 1sts/two 2nd places in team events, Tahoe getting two 3rds/two 6ths and Chase ... well, he stayed on course.


June 4-5 Rancho Cucamonga, CA DART USDAA tournament trial

Chase won 3rd place in both Rounds 1 and 2 of 26" Steeplechase; his team GT Racers (Trane/Mike Kambeitz and Gael/Jan DeShara) were the top scoring team in Snooker and also took home a Q!


May 21-22 Carson City, NV Quicksilver USDAA trial

Chase took 3rd/Q in Masters Gamblers and 4th/Q in Masters Pairs (with Tahoe). He also took 1st/Qs in both rounds of P3 Standard.

Tahoe went 5/7, earning Qs in Masters Gamblers, Pairs, Standard and Snooker as well as another GP leg!

May 14-15 Camarillo, CA Contact Point USDAA trial

Chase's DAM Team, Easy as ABC (with Annie/Kathleen Alles, Rav/Sarah Johnson) were solid all weekend: 
* 2nd in Jumpers (Annie had the fastest time of all team dogs)
* 4th in Snooker
* 5th in Gamblers
* 3rd in Relay 
**2nd Overall* out of 41 teams

Tahoe took 5th and a Q in Masters Gamblers (#17).

May 7-8 Santa Rosa, CA Mensona KC AKC Trial

Chase went 3/4, and earned his 11th Double Q (with 1st in Standard and 2nd in JWW on Sunday).

Tahoe won 20" Excellent B Standard on Saturday, 20 seconds under SCT.

Taiko earned his Canine Good Citizen certificate just shortly before his 1st birthday!

Apr 30-May 1 Sunnyvale, CA Bay Team USDAA trial

Chase got the Gamble! (Masters Gamble #21); he also earned Qs in Masters Pairs, P3 Jumpers (3rd), P3 Snooker and won P3 Standard on Sunday.

Tahoe also got the Gamble! (Masters Gamble #16); she also earned Qs in Masters Jumpers, Masters Standard, Grand Prix, and won 22" Masters Snooker.

Trek won P1 Jumpers (14 dogs), running just over 5 YPS for his 2nd Q!

Apr 30-May 1 Albuquerque, NM SWAT NADAC/ASCA trial

Tahoe's son Reno (Black Rock's Basqueing in Reno OA NAJ SSA NAC RS-N) finished his NAC and RS-N. Congrats to Laura and Reno!


April 21-25 Turlock, CA Power Paws Camp

We all had a great time at Camp - Erika, Chase and Tahoe participated as part of the Rwandan Rearendas

We all had a great time at Camp - Erika, Chase and Tahoe participated as part of the Rwandan Rearendas

Pecos ,  Taiko  and  Sandia  were all there, which allowed us to take a 11 1/2 month sibling pic:   

PecosTaiko and Sandia were all there, which allowed us to take a 11 1/2 month sibling pic:


Chase had a great time in Greg Derrett's Weaves session: Photo by Doghouse Arts

Chase had a great time in Greg Derrett's Weaves session:
Photo by Doghouse Arts

Apr 14-17 Dixon, CA Haute TRACS USDAA mega trial

Photo by   Doghouse Arts

Photo by Doghouse Arts

Chase took 2nd in the National Performance Championships local qualifier and made the cut for Round 2 of Steeplechase, finishing 14th out of 62 dogs in Round 1. These earned him his Tournament Master-Gold title! He also took 3rd in P3 Jumpers and Snooker on Sunday and had a nice qualifying run in Masters Pairs with Gwen Tatsuno and Border-Newf Spike on Saturday.



Tahoe earned her 2nd Grand Prix Q and her DAM Team CATscan (Comet/Katy Robertson, Annabelle/Liza Buckner and Tahoe/Erika handling) came in 13th out of 60 teams for a Q. Tahoe now is fully qualified for the USDAA Championships to be held in Scottsdale this November. She and Comet also took 2nd in Masters Pairs on Thursday, earning Tahoe's Relay Championship-Silver title. She also got a Super Q on Sunday and had a great qualifying run in Masters Pairs with Katy Robertson and Twig on Saturday.

Trek got to play as well, earning his first USDAA Q with a 4th and Q in P1 Jumpers on Friday; he had too much momentum on Sunday to stay on course but still had a great time.



Mar 19-20 Madera, CA Canine Agility Team USDAA trial

Photo by   Doghouse Arts

Photo by Doghouse Arts

Tahoe Qs in Pairs (earning an RM for Annabelle, owned by Taiko's mom, Liza), Jumpers and both rounds of Standard. She also takes 5th in Round 2 of the Steeplechase and takes a SQ in Snooker

Chase Qs in P3 Jumpers (2nd), both rounds of P3 Standard (1st and 2nd), and Masters Pairs. He also takes 4th in Round 2 of the Steeplechase.



Mar 5-6 Dixon, CA Mt Diablo DTC AKC trial: Chase wins 20" Ex B Std and Tahoe Qs in 20" Ex B JWW; however, the double-Q curse continues!



Feb 20-22 Salinas, CA SMART USDAA trial

Tahoe earns her Bronze Lifetime Achievement Award by getting her 15th Masters Gamblers Q!
She also Qs in the local Championship Grand Prix, Masters Jumpers and both rounds of Masters Standard

Chase Qs and places in P3 Jumpers and Snooker, and earns his 20th Masters Gamblers Q

Feb 12 Pleasanton, CA Santa Clara DTC AKC trial: Tahoe takes 2nd in Ex B JWW



Jan 29: Santa Rosa, CA Bay Team USDAA agility trial

Q and 1st place in Masters Pairs with Sandy Rogers and Brink
Q and 5th place in 22" Masters Jumpers (31 dogs)
Q and 6th place in 22" Masters Snooker (31 dogs)

Q and 1st place in P3 Standard, Jumpers and Snooker (SQ)

Jan 21-23: Portland, OR (AKC agility trials - Tahoe only) and Elk Grove, CA (NADAC/ASCA agility trials - Chase only)

Tahoe takes 2nd in 20" Ex B JWW on Friday (1/21) and 2nd in Ex B Std on Saturday (1/22) and gets Double-Q # 13 on Sunday (1/23) with a 2nd in Ex B JWW

Chase Qs in Elite 20+ Regular, Gamblers, Jumpers and Novice Touch N Go with a 1st place (Sat 1/22)

Jan 8-9 Red Bluff, CA FRASC ASCA show: Chase takes A-BOB and Tahoe takes A-BOS under Jim Polk!