December 29-31 TRACS AKC Agility Trial, Rancho Murieta, CA

  • Tahoe finished her NFP with a win, then went on to win Open FAST on Sunday; she also Qd 3 times in ExB Pref'd JWW with two firsts and a second place.
  • Trek got his first AX leg with a 2nd place ribbon and also earned an Open FAST Q!
  • Killy went 3/3 in Open Jumpers, finishing her OAJ!
  • Taiko won 24" Ex B JWW all 3 days and also earned his 2nd Ex A FAST leg also with a blue ribbon!


December 15-16 Bay Team USDAA Test, Santa Rosa, CA


  • Tahoe won PSJ Rd 1 and took 2nd in PSJ overall in Rd 2. Her team "T and A" (with Ally/ACD and Mardee Jang) won PVP overall as well as the PVP Relay! Tahoe also won 16" PVP Std, took 3rd in PVP Snooker, 2nd in PVP Jumpers and PVP Gamblers.
  • Trek won 22" Team Gamblers, and his team "The Bark Goes On" (with Aussies Taiko/Liza Buckner and Chaps/Jean Danver) took 2nd in Gamblers and Relay for an overall Q! See his Team Gamblers run HERE.
  • Killy got a hat trick, Q-ing in Team, STP and GP! Her team finished 7th overall, and Killy was 3rd in Stp Round 1 (she was part of the average!). She also recorded a great time (albeit with a teeter up-contact miss) in GP, for her first GP Q!!! Watch her Stp Round 1 Video HERE (4 mb .wmv file)
  • Taiko finished his TM-Bronze by Q-ing in STP (fastest 26" dog in Rd 1, although he had a bar), GP and Team!!


November 17-18 NAF USDAA Test, Turlock, CA

  • Tahoe had a perfect weekend, Qing in everything she was entered. With the exception of her 2nd place/Q in Sunday's P3 Jumpers, she won all of her classes -- both rounds of 16" PSJ, P3 snooker, Sat's P3 Jumpers and the Performance Grand Prix qualifier for a regionals bye!!
  • Trek went 3/3 on Saturday, Qing in Steeplechase, Snooker and Jumpers, earning his Jumper Master title! On Sunday he showed us the *other* side of Trek, with weavepole and tunnel suck problems
  • Killy continues to have many moments of briliance clouded by Q-ending faults ...
  • Taiko, not to be outdone by his mother, also had a GREAT weekend! He got his second Super Q/2nd in Snooker, Qd in Steeplechase, Qd/3rd in Jumpers, Qd/2nd in Standard for his MAD title!! He then won the 26" Grand Prix qualifier for a regionals bye!!


November 16-18 SWAT USDAA Test, Albuquerque, NM

  • Dude and his team, "Penny and the Jets" took 4th in the overall team standings for a Q! He also took 2nd in Starters Jumpers with a 6.2 YPS run, and won Starters Pairs with Chispa/Judy Schmille! That finished his Starters Relay title.

October 31 - November 4, USDAA Cynosport Games, Scottsdale, AZ

  • Chase ran well in his retirement event, and finished taking 7th in the 22" Perf Steeplechase Classic on Sunday!
  • Tahoe made the PNS finals again, taking 7th overall. She also took 6th in PVP Snooker and Gamblers, and 4th in Jumpers, and on Sunday she won the 16" Perf Steeplechase Classic!
  • Trek and I survived our first time at nationals together, with some very nice runs in Snooker (57 points) and team gamblers. He was a Grand Prix semi-finalist, getting to play in the "big ring" all too briefly thanks to an early off course. He also got to play on the Splash Dogs dock and prove that he's not the quiet dog we thought he was...
  • Killy blazed around the agility rings, splash dogs dock, and the lure coursing ring, clocking a 15 second run there.
  • Taiko made the Grand Prix semi-finals, and had some great runs at the event. Proving his versatility in silly dog sports, he also played in the Splash Dogs dock and clocked a blazing 17 second lure coursing run.



October 27-28 NADAC Trial, Albuquerque, NM

  • Dude won Elite Regular and had some other nice (but NQing) runs. You can see one of them HERE (3.3 MB .wmv file)
  • Reno Qd in Open Chances and won Open Jumpers! Watch his Jumpers run HERE.

October 27-28 Hangtown KC AKC Agility Trial, Placerville, CA

  • Pecos finished his NA with two 2nd place runs! He also got two NF legs (one with a 2nd place as well) to finish that title, too!


October 27 Buenaventura USDAA Test, Camarillo, CA

  • Chase went 2/2 and earned his 350th Masters/P3 level Q on a very tough gamble under Dan Dege! He also got an insurance leg in P3 Pairs with Anne Graumann/Ace, taking 2nd in the class! Watch his pairs run HERE (7mb QuickTime file)
  • Trek went 2/2 as well, finishing his AAD with a standard leg and finishing his AG by winning the Advanced Gamblers class! You can watch his gamblers run HERE (6 mb QuickTime file); the video clearly shows that I needed to move sooner in handling 3-4 in the gamble but he saved me once again.

October 20-21 Zia ASCA Agility trial, Albuquerque, NM

  • Dude earned his GS-E with a 2nd place, and took 1st and 2nd in his Elite Regular rounds on Sunday!
  • Reno earned 15 points towards his RS-O with 1st and 2nd place ribbons!


October 13-14 PASA ASCA Agility trial, Hollister, CA

  • Chase went 7/10, Qing in Gamblers (2), Jumpers (3) and Regular (2), winning the class every time (but one) when he Qd. What a good boy!
  • Tahoe went 9/10 on the weekend, all 9 with blue ribbons! She only missed one gamble and that's probably because I was too out of breath to handle her properly. 40 seconds is a long opening when running 4 dogs! She racked up merit Qs in Regular (4), Jumpers (3) and Gamblers (2) and missed the PASA Veteran Silver Buckle by 1/2 a Q, leaving that honor to Dave Connet and Pepper. We gave them a good run of it, though, despite losing some Q opportunities to FEO runs and trialing at two other conflicting events. Tahoe finished her ATCH-SP at this trial!
  • Trek got his first 10 points towards his RS-E, Qd in Elite Gamblers (1) and Elite Jumpers (3).
  • Killy earned herself some quality training-in-the-ring time, but also managed to get an Elite Gamblers Q for her GS-E and an Elite Jumpers Q with a 1st place on a 6.8 yps run! That run finished her JS-E.

October 6-7 Haute Dawgs USDAA test, Dixon, CA

  • Chase Qd in PSJ, PGP, P3 Relay (with Tahoe again!), P3 Gamblers, ; too bad I didn't enter him in jumpers as Sunday's course would have been perfect for him! His P3 Gamble Q earned him his APD title!
  • Tahoe won 16" PSJ again, and Qd in Relay, PGP, P3 Snooker (1st), P3 Jumpers (1st x2).
  • Trek Qd in Masters Jumpers, but the 3rd Adv Std leg continues to be elusive.
  • Killy had the fastest time of the 22" dogs in Masters Jumpers but unfortunately jumped the stanchion of the triple jump at the finish to earn a refusal fault. She also got her 2nd Masters Gamblers Q with a 6th place;
  • Taiko took 2nd in 26" Masters Snooker for a Super Q; he also Qd in GP, Gamblers (4th), Jumpers (x2, one with a 2nd place), Standard & Relay.
  • Sandia enjoyed her first weekend in Masters! She Qd and finished 8th in the 22" Steeplechase. She also Qd in Standard (x2), Gamblers, Snooker, Jumpers & Relay!

September/October issue of USASA's Australian Shepherd Journal has the current USASA rankings (through 4/30 and 6/30):

  • Chase:
    • #1, Novice Preferred 16" Agility
    • #1, Novice Preferred 16" JWW Agility
    • #9, Open Preferred 16" JWW Agility
  • Tahoe:
    • #2, Open Preferred 16" Agility
    • #4, Excellent A Preferred 16" Agility
    • #1, Open Preferred 16" JWW Agility
    • #3, Excellent A Preferred 16" Agility
  • Taiko: 
    • #3, Open A Obedience
    • #4, Excellent B 24" Std Agility
    • #4, Excellent B 24" JWW Agility
    • #9, Novice B 24" FAST Agility


September 22-23 TRACS USDAA Test, Woodland, CA

  • Chase Qd in PSJ and P3 Snooker
  • Tahoe Qd in PSJ, P3 Snooker (4th), and won P3 Jumpers both days!
  • Trek Qd in GP!!
  • Killy Qd in Steeplechase!!
  • Sandia Qd in GP, won Advanced Snooker, Standard (both days), and Jumpers! She also finished her AAD!

September 1-3 Bay Team USDAA Southwest Regional Championships, Sunnyvale, CA


  • Chase Qd in PNS, PSJ and PVP (finishing 13th with teammate Mike Wargo/Golden Retriever). He also got a tough P3 Gamble and Qd in P3 Snooker, Jumpers, and Masters Relay with Dia/Sally Josselyn. Watch his PNS Round 2 run (8 MB file, requires Apple QuickTime).
  • Tahoe Qd in PNS, PSJ and PVP, coming in 2nd in both PSJ and PNS Round 2s. She also Qd in P3 Snooker & Pairs. Watch her PNS Rd 2and PSJ Round 2 runs. (7 - 8MB files, requiring Apple QuickTime).
  • Trek earned his 2nd Adv Standard leg as well as Masters Pairs, Snooker and Jumpers legs. The biggest surprise was earning his 2nd GP Q on Saturday and then finishing with a Semifinalist bye on Sunday! Watch his Masters Jumpers and GP Round 2 runs. (7-8 MB files, require Apple QuickTime).
  • Killy got her first Masters Standard leg!! While it wasn't a Q, you can still see moments of brilliance in her Masters Jumpers round (7 MB file, requires Apple QuickTime).
  • Taiko Qd on a very tough Masters Gamblers course and took 2nd in a competitive 26" class!
  • Sandia came home with legs in Advanced Standard, Gamblers, Pairs, Snooker & Jumpers! She also ran well in the team events and earned her 2nd GP Q on Saturday! Watch her Stp Round 1 run (not a Q, but some great sequences - sorry, Sharon, about those running A-frames!).



August 25-26 Zia ASCA Agility trial, Albuquerque, NM

  • Dude finished his RS-E with a 2nd place finish and earned his first Elite Gamblers leg with a win!
  • Reno enjoyed his chance to run, finishing his Novice Gamblers title and earning an open jumpers leg!

August 25-26 SMART USDAA Agility trial, Prunedale, CA

  • Chase would have had the the winning run in PNS but for dropping the last bar ... He also Qd in P3 Gamblers, Snooker, both rounds of Standard and Pairs (winning the class once again with Tahoe).
  • Tahoe had a great PNS run but a faulted dogwalk kept her from the win; she also Qd in both rounds of Masters Gamblers to earn her Ch-G and ADCh-Gold! She also Qd in Snooker and Jumpers, and won Perf Pairs with Chase.
  • Trek, much to my surprise, Qd in the GP; he also finished his AR with a nice pairs run with Taiko. He Qd in both rounds of Masters Snooker.
  • Killy got her first Qs in Masters Pairs and Gamblers!
  • Taiko finished his AAD with a standard leg. He also Qd in Steeplechase!
  • Sandia finished her AD, earning legs in Starters Gamblers, Jumpers and Standard. 
    She also got her 2nd Steeplechase Q and her first GP Q!

August 18-19 COAST ASCA Agility trial, Cayucos, CA

  • Chase went 7/8, even doing the one gamble that he NQd on, just not in time. His efforts earned him the HIT Elite Trophy!
  • Tahoe ran well with Qs in Jumpers and Regular
  • Trek won Elite Jumpers!
  • Killy - Well, I finally got her through a course in numbered order for a Q and 2nd in Jumpers...
  • Taiko did very well, earning 4 Elite Qs on the weekend.

August 4-5 PASA ASCA Agility trial, Hollister, CA

  • Chase brought home 8 Qs (4 Regular, 2 Jumpers, 2 Gamblers, all either 1st or 2nd place) and the High in Trial Veteran ribbon!
  • Tahoe won and Qd in 3 out of 5 classes on Sunday (Regular x 2) & Jumpers
  • Trek earned two half Qs towards his RS-O and also got an Elite Jumpers Q!
  • Killy had some blistering runs, but no Qs (worthwhile training time, however!)
  • Taiko won Elite Jumpers and continued his speedy but barky ways earning 7 Qs on the weekend.


July 27-30 Flat Coated Retriever AKC Trial, Medford, OR

  • Sandia won Ex B 20" JWW on Friday, finished her OF with a 3rd and 5th, finished her AX with a 1st and a 2nd, and then got her first Double Q on Monday with a 3rd in Standard and a 4th in JWW!

July 27-29 Happy Dog USDAA Test, Moorpark, CA

  • Chase and Tahoe took 1st in P3 Pairs again, having the fastest times of all P3/Masters teams.
  • Chase earned another PVP Q, taking 6th overall with Buddie/Kathy Van Der Maaten. Chase took 2nd in Team Standard, 2nd in Team Snooker, 3rd/Q in P3 Snooker, and got 2 P3 Jumpers legs and a P3 Standard leg!
  • Tahoe won 16" PSJ again! She also got 2 P3 Jumpers legs and a P3 Snooker leg.
  • Trek got his first Tournament Q, taking 11th overall in team thanks to Trouble!/Naci Berkoz and Sheila/Barbara Attinger-Snarr. He also got 2 Qs in Masters Jumpers!
  • Killy got her 3rd DAM Q, finishing 6th overall with Maddie/Katrina Parkinson and Maddie/Sue Rush. She also had some great runs, particularly Sunday's jumpers.


July 21-23 Lost Coast KC AKC Trial, Ferndale, CA

  • Chase finished his OJP with 2 Qs, and also earned 2 open standard preferred Qs. He also finished his NFP with some amusing runs.
  • Tahoe got two Novice preferred FAST legs (5 MB.wmv file), one with a win, finished her AXP with a win and then took 1st in Ex B Preferred Standard. She also won Ex A Pref JWW (4MB .wmv file) to finish her AJP.
  • Trek finished his NF!
  • Taiko got his 3rd Double Q, taking 1st and 2nd in Ex B 24" Jumpers, 1st and 3rd in Ex B 24" Standard, and 1st in Nov FAST! Watch his standard run HERE. (7 MB .wmv file)
  • Sandia took 3rd in Ex B 20" JWW, 1st in Novice FAST to finish her NF and then took 4th in Open FAST!


June 30 - July 1 Zia ASC ASCA Trial, Albuquerque, NM

  • Dude finished his JS-O with a 2nd place, got his GS-O with a 1st and 3rd, and earned 25 points towards his RS-E with a 1st and 2 second place finishes! He was a trooper in the extreme heat, and obviously it didn't slow him down!

June 30- July 2 Canine Agility Team, USDAA Northwest Regional, Canby, OR

  • Chase took 4th in PVP overall and PNS Round 2, and also Qd in P3 Gamblers (1st), Relay (1st, with Tahoe), Standard, Jumpers & Snooker
  • Tahoe won PSJ Round 2 and her PVP pair took 2nd overall; she also Qd in Masters Gamblers, P3 Snooker, Jumpers and Relay (1st with Chase)
  • Trek got his 1st Advanced Standard leg and also got his first Masters leg, a Q in Snooker. He did well in team, but missed the Q cutoff by 1 team.
  • Killy got her 1st Masters leg (Snooker) and ran well (no Q) in Masters Standard; she also got another Team Q!

June 16-17 Tails-a-waggin' CPE Trial, Rohnert Park, CA

  • Taiko had a great time at the trial, Qing and taking 1st place in all but 2 of his runs!

June 9-10 Bend Action Agility Dogs USDAA Test, Bend, OR

  • Sandia won Starters Standard for her 2nd Q there; she also took 2nd for 2 Qs in Starters Jumpers, 3rd in Gamblers and 4th in Snooker! She also got to run in Steeplechase Round 2!


June 1-3 NAF USDAA Agility Test, Turlock, CA

  • Taiko is now all Qd up for Scottsdale; his team took 2nd overall and he placed 2nd in the 26" steeplechase!


June 2-3, Weimaraner Club of Albuquerque AKC Agility Trial, Albuquerque, NM

  • Dude got his first Excellent A Std leg with a blue ribbon! Go Dude and Laura!

June 2-3 PASA ASCA Agility Trials, Hollister, CA

  • Chase enjoyed running at the Veterans 16" jump height, getting 2 Elite Gamblers Qs, 3 Elite Jumpers Qs, and 2 Elite Regular Qs, all 1st place!
  • Tahoe competed only one day, went 4/5 with 3 Elite Jumpers Qs and 1 Elite Regular Q, all 1st place!
  • Trek earned his 2nd Open Regular leg (to the crowd's amazement) and got two Elite Jumpers Qs, all with placements!
  • Killy finished her JS-O with two blazing sub-20 second runs, earning her blue ribbons in both!


May 26-27, NorCal ASCA Obedience Trials, Dixon, CA

  • Taiko finished his ASCA CD, earning his 2nd and third legs with a 1st place (196) and 2nd out of the Novice B class!

May 25-28, TRACS AKC Agility Trials, Dixon, CA

  • Chase earned his NAP and NJP, going 6/6, all first place ribbons! He also earned an Open P JWW leg with a 1st
  • Tahoe finished her OJP, winning the class on Friday; she also got 2 Qs each in Ex A P JWW and Std, all blue ribbons!
  • Trek got his first Q in Novice FAST
  • Taiko won 24" Ex B JWW and had some great runs, including ISC Std!
  • Sandia got a Q and 4th place in the Novice FAST class
  • Pecos earned his first Novice Standard leg with a 2nd place!

May 18-19, Coyote Hills KC AKC Obedience Trials, Vallejo, CA

  • Taiko earned two CDX legs, taking 2nd place on Friday and winning the class on Saturday to finish his AKC CDX. He also took High Scoring Herding dog that day! He now also qualifies for the AKC VCD2 title!

May 5-6, Bay Team USDAA Test, Petaluma, CA

  • Chase Qd in Masters Snooker & Standard, and P3 Jumpers (x2) and Gamblers, earning his PD3!
  • Tahoe earned two Masters Gamblers Qs (3 more to ADCH-Gold!), and placed/Qd in P3 Snooker, Jumpers and Pairs.
  • Trek earned 2 titles this weekend, finishing his AJ by winning the class, and finishing his AS with a placement as well! He also earned two Advanced Gamblers Qs.
  • Killy earned her SSA and also Qd in Advanced Snooker
  • Taiko Qd in Advanced Gamblers and won Masters Jumpers!
  • Sandia earned Qs and placements in Starters Standard and Gamblers

May 5-6, SWAT NADAC Trial, Los Padillas, NM

  • Dude finished his OAC and NJC with some blazing, head-turning runs!
  • Reno finished his Novice Chances, earned a Q in hoopers and won his Open Jumpers class!


April 27-29, WCASA ASCA TOUR & Pre-Trials, Acton, CA

  • Chase ran well in the pre-trials, earning Qs in Elite Gamblers (x2), Regular (.5), Jumpers (2). He also took the honor of being the Reserve Champion Large Dog in the TOUR, with fine efforts in Jumpers and Gamblers.
  • Erika learned that running Tahoe isn't as easy as it may look (especially when it comes to managing the teeter). Nevertheless, they Qd in Elite Gamblers (2), Regular, and Jumpers. Tahoe ran well in the TOUR but dropped a bar in one round, nixing a chance at an overall veteran TOUR ribbon.
  • Trek earned 3 titles this weekend -- he can now add RS-N, GS-O and JS-E to his name!
  • Taiko finished his GS-E with 1st and 2nd place ribbons in the 20+ class, and also took 2nd place in Elite 20+ Jumpers, and 1st & 3rd in Elite Regular.

April 28-29, SMART USDAA Test, Prunedale, CA


  • Killy earned 2 Advanced Standard legs with a 1st place, and Qd with a 2nd place ribbon in Advanced Jumpers!

April 14 - 15, Valencia Valley KC AKC Agility Trial, Los Lunas, NM

  • Dude finished his Novice FAST title with a 4th place on Sunday!


April 12 - 15, Haute TRACS USDAA Test, Dixon, CA

  • Chase earned his 35th Masters Jumpers Q to gain his ADCH-Gold title! He also Qd in PVP, PSJ, PNS, Masters Pairs, Masters Gamblers and Masters Snooker!
  • Tahoe was the queen of the 16" Performance tournaments, winning the PVP Tournament with her partners, Tango & Tammy Langer (Team: "Rott 'n' Aussie"), and winning the 16" PSJ finals. She also Qd Masters Gamblers (twice) and P3 Snooker.
  • Killy finished her AG title with two qualifying Advanced Gamblers runs; she also Qd in Advanced Jumpers and Snooker.
  • Trek returned to agility by earning his 2nd Q in Advanced Jumpers.
  • Taiko took 6th in the 26" Steeplechase Finals, and earned 2 Qs (2nd and 3rd place ribbons) in Advanced Standard . He also finished his AJ with 2nd/3rd placements; he also took 3rd place in Advanced Gamblers.



March 31 - April 1, PASA ASCA Agility Trial, Hollister, CA

  • Chase got 3 Elite Jumpers Qs, and 1 Elite Regular (he had to run FEO as Dave as the emergency judge for some of Saturday's runs)
  • Tahoe went 8/8 of her runs that weren't FEO (and actually would have Qd in her 2 FEO runs as well!) to take HIT Veteran!
  • Killy finished her RS-N, JS-N and GS-O; she had some great runs, nailing that tough Elite layer-to-the-weavepoles gamble!
  • Taiko finished his GS-O and was very competitive in the Elite 20+" class

March 31 - April 1, SWAT USDAA Agility Test, Rio Rancho, NM

  • Dude earned his 3rd (4th?) Starters Standard leg for his SS with a 3rd place, and also earned Gamblers, Pairs and Jumpers legs, with placements!

March 25, AKC Obedience Trial, Petaluma, CA

  • Taiko earned a CDX leg with a 3rd place in Open A! He also earned an RA leg.

March 24-25 Bay Team CPE Trial, Sunnyvale, CA

  • Chase was one of only 5 dogs to Q in the 4/5/C Jackpot on Sunday, earning his way to a Perfect Weekend award, Qing in all 10 of his runs. He not only Qd, but placed and ran clean in all but one Snooker run where he went off course while executing the #6 combo; he is well on his way to his C-ATCH
  • Tahoe also went 10/10, earning a Perfect Weekend award and winning many of her classes. She finished her CL4 and worked on the requirements for her C-ATCH
  • Killy had some great runs, earning 9 Qs/10 (details are sketchy ... she's kinda fast)

March 17-18 Sandia Dog Obedience Club AKC Agility Trial, Bernalillo, NM

  • Dude earned his first FAST leg in Novice B, with a 2nd place!

March 2-4 Contact Point USDAA Test, Fillmore, CA

  • Chase got another PNS Q, a Masters Gamblers Q, and finished his qualifications for Scottsdale with a PVP Q with Tahoe!
  • Tahoe was the star of the PVP team (with Chase, "Old School"), winning almost all of her classes at 16", and also placing high in the all-around in the PVP standings; she also finished up her qualifications for Scottsdale with the PVP Q and a PNS Q.
  • Trek Qd in P3 Gamblers and P3 Jumpers



February 23-24 Zia ASC ASCA Agility Trial, San Miguel, NM

  • Dude finished his RS-O, winning his class twice! He also finished his GS-N (1st and 4th) and got an Open Jumpers leg with another blue ribbon!
  • Reno took 1st place and Qd in Open Regular!


February 18 TRACS AKC TD Test, Mather Field, CA

  • Taiko was one of 5 dogs (out of 12) to pass the TD test, earning his TD title as well as his VCD1 (CD TD NA NAJ, although he has his MX AXJ)!


February 3-4 VAST USDAA Test, Turlock, CA

  • Chase had a great weekend - he Qd in 7 out of 9 runs, earning his 35th Masters Gamblers Q for his GCh-Gold, his 2nd 2007 PSJ Q (won round 1, took 3rd in the finals with no thanks to the reintroduction of the Long Jump!), his 2nd 2007 PNS Q with a win and a voucher for a bye into round 2 at a regional, and a Snooker Super Q!
  • Tahoe won PSJ rounds 1 and 2, P3 Snooker and P3 Relay (with Jill Gustafson and Ellie/BC) and also Qd in Masters Gamblers!
  • Trek got an Advanced Relay Q, finishing Nicole and Jinn's AAD!
  • Killy won Starters Standard and finished her AD! 

Somewhere in the fields of Sonoma County, CA


  • Taiko passed his certification track, so on to his first Tracking Test (TRACS AKC at Mather).


January 27-28 Bay Team USDAA Test, Santa Rosa, CA

  • Chase Qd in Masters Pairs (5th place with Laura Pryse/Brazen BC) and Masters Standard
  • Tahoe Qd in P3 Jumpers (2nd), and won P3 Snooker and P3 Relay (with Jim Basic/Wicked BC)
  • Trek won Advanced Jumpers and Starters Pairs (with Killy) and also Qd/took 3rd place in both Advanced Snooker and Starters Standard to finish his AD!
  • Killy won Starters Pairs (with Trek) and took 2nd/Q in Advanced Gamblers!

January 20-21 Border Terrier AKC Trials, Santa Rosa, CA

  • Tahoe took 2nd in Open Pref Standard by .01 of a second (flashbacks to Scottsdale!) on Saturday and won the class on Sunday to finish her OAP!
  • Killy got her 2nd Open Standard leg with a blazing run and 1st place on Saturday and finished her OA on Sunday! Click HERE to watch the video of her Saturday run, courtesy of Agility in Motion!
  • Taiko took 2nd in Ex B 24" JWW and Qd in Ex B Std for his MX title!

January 6-7 WAG CPE Trials, Elk Grove, CA

  • Chase finished his CL4 (thanks to Jack B and Dave C for running him in Standard when I was icing my leg!) and won several classes while earning 8 Level 4 and 5 qualifiers
  • Tahoe won every class she Qd in (6 runs), but she did keep me humble by going for a few unpredicted off courses
  • Trek finished his CL2 with a Wildcard Q, and won a couple Level 3 classes earning legs towards his CL3