October - November

November 7 - 15 ASCA National Specialty, Las Vegas, NV

We have GREAT news from Vegas!!

  • Tahoe was the Veteran Agility Finals reserve champion, taking 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st in the 4 rounds of competition; she also placed in the tough Veteran Bitch conformation classes and finished her ASCA CD!
  • Trek took 5th in the Novice Obedience Finals and ran well in the Agility Finals. He earned other legs in the pre- and nationals trials but alas no gamblers legs.
  • Taiko won the Standard Agility Finals!!! He won 2 of the rounds and took 2nd in Round 1. He was also very competitive in the agility pre-trials and National trials, earning many placements. He also earned his first ASCA CDX leg!
  • Dude ran well in the Agility Finals!
  • Pecos competed in MVA and earned a conformation score of 87.5 out of 90!

October 29 - November 2 USDAA Cynosport Games, Scottsdale, AZ

  • Tahoe made the finals in both Performance Grand Prix and Performance Speed Jumping! (She loves running under the lights.) She also took 6th in 16" PVP Standard
  • Trek's team ("Some Assembly Required") with Sandy Zajkowski/Chip and Tracey Sirbello/Maiya finished 43rd out of 170 teams! Trek also tried out Rally and earned his RL1 in his first weekend.
  • Killy had her typical moments of brilliance as well as bobbles at the poles. Highlights from WestWorld include a lovely snooker run (with poles!) and a 17.4 sec Course A'Lure run, earning a Silver Medal!

August - October

We've been too busy to update the new page and there's a lot to report!

Highlights from BT CPE, PASA ASCA (x2), SMART, Bay Team, SWAT, VAST, TRACS and Haute Dawgs USDAA:

  • Tahoe qualified for the PGP Semis at the Bay Team SW Regional, took 2nd in PSJ Rd 2 and earned her APD at Haute Dawgs!
  • Trek qualified for the GP Semis at the Bay Team SW Regional, earned another Super Q, and had a nail-biting Q with his team, "Into Thin Air (with Styx/Karey Krauter and Fate/Rob Michalski); he also has qualified for the 2009 ASCA Agility finals in CO; now he just has to keep his point totals in the rankings; he also finished his CL3
  • Killy qualified for the GP Semis at the Bay Team SW Regional; she finished her MAD at TRACS and now has also earned her RM, GM and TM.
  • Taiko finished his RAE!
  • Sandia earned her ADCH at Haute Dawgs!
  • Dude earned his AD at SWAT!


July 4-6 Bay Team USDAA test, Sunnyvale, CA

  • Tahoe enjoyed a bit of rest (she didn't compete in PVP) and then came out supercharged for P3 Pairs (1st place with Sandy Rogers/Brink (BC)) and PSJ (2nd in Round 1, 1st in Round 2!). She also got the P3 Gamble, and Qd in P3 Snooker.
  • Trek's team ("Trek's Boo-Boo" with Ellen Finch/Boost and Sue Roberts/Booker) didn't Q, but he had some great runs in the effort. He got another GP leg to finish his TM-Bronze, finished his RM with two pairs runs (with Boost/Ellen Finch (BC) and Comet/Katy Robertson (BC)). To top it all off, he got his first Super Q!!!
  • Killy finished her RM on a nice pairs run with Thyme/Sharon Freilich (BC). Her team "Scratch" with Derby/Tammy Langer (BC) and Tala/Greg Leal (BC) finished in the stats with a nice Q as well.
  • Taiko's team "Slipstream Sandwich" with Sandia/Sharon Kennedy and Kidd/Tania Chadwick (BC) took 6th overall! Taiko also took 3rd in the 26" Grand Prix, Qd in Masters Gamblers and Standard (3rd place). He also finished his Jumpers Championship
  • Sandia finished her SAM and Qd in Team, Grand Prix and Steeplechase, all with great runs.


June 28-29 ASCA Agility, Albuquerque, NM

  • Reno earned two vet Elite Jumpers legs, and an Elite Regular leg, finishing his RV-E!
  • Dude earned 35 points in Elite Regular (with 3 1st place finishes!), an Elite Gamblers leg and 2 Elite Jumpers legs (both 2nd place)

June 27-29 Columbia Agility Team USDAA NW Regional Championships, Canby, OR

  • Tahoe and her teammates Brink/Sandy Rogers (BC) took 6th overall in the PVP tournament. Tahoe also Qd in PSJ and had a heartbreak of a run in Rd 2 of PGP. She also racked up more legs in P3 Snooker and Jumpers.
  • Trek and teammates Taiko/Dave Grubel (Aussie, we kidnapped him for the weekend) and Echo/Linda White (Sheltie) took 5th overall in the DAM tournament with their team, "Au See a Sheltie." Trek also Qd in Steeplechase, Standard (x2), Snooker and Jumpers and finished his MAD and JCH!
  • Killy and teammates Super/Linda Mecklenburg (BC) and Jace/Lisa Ross (BC) Qd in Team.
  • Taiko Qd in Masters Standard and Jumpers, had a great team effort with Trek, above, and also Qd in Steeplechase. His Tournament Qs finished his Tournament Master-Silver title.

June 20 Napa Dog Training Club AKC Obedience Trials, Vallejo, CA

  • Taiko earned his 5th RAE leg with two perfect 100 scores in Advanced B and Excellent B Rally, both 1st places!

June 20-22 NNASC ASCA Agility and Obedience Trials, Carson City, NV

  • Tahoe had a great weekend! She was HIT Veteran in agility, got her 2nd CD leg with a 192.5 and 1st place out of Novice A, and took 2nd overall in the "Most Versatile Urban Aussie" competition (combination of obedience, agility and conformation scores). She was the highest scoring dog in the conformation evaluation, receiving an 88 out of 90 points from Linda Buell/Woodstock!
  • Trek tested the waters in obedience again and unfortunately flunked the sit stay on two great runs (he would have received a 200 score the first round and a 198.5 on the second!). He also got 3 Elite Jumpers Qs to finish his JS-E-SP, earned 3 Elite Regular legs including a first place, and earned another gamble! In his first trial he is almost qualified for CO Agility Finals!
  • Killy won Elite Gamblers, finished her RS-O and got another Elite Jumpers leg!
  • Pecos finished his GS-N and his JS-N!


May 30 - June 1 NAF USDAA Test, Turlock, CA

  • Tahoe Qd in P3 Snooker and Standard (both 2nd place) and PSJ, winning round 1.
  • Trek's team "Trepko" with Taiko/Liza Buckner (Aussie) and Kep/Laura Jones (BC) took 2nd overall! Trek also Qd in Masters Pairs with Koda/Melissa Farquhar (All-American), Grand Prix & Steeplechase, earning his Tournament Master title!
  • Taiko had another great weekend, with an awesome team effort (1st in Team Gamblers, 2nd overall), Q in GP, 3rd in Steeplechase, 2nd in Snooker.

May 25-26 COAST ASCA Agility Trial, Cayucos, CA

  • Trek won 2 rounds of Elite Jumpers and took 2nd in two rounds of Elite Regular, for 4 more Qs/Finals points!
  • Taiko had another great weekend, going 3/3 in Elite Regular (all 1sts) to earn his ATCH!

May 23-26 TRACS AKC Agility Trial, Dixon, CA

  • Tahoe finished her OFP, and won Ex B Preferred JWW all 4 days!
  • Killy got her first AXJ leg with a 2nd place and finished her NF with two first places! She stayed on course in both rounds of ISC (winning "style points" for Std, and ... held *all* of her contacts!!!

May 17-18 PASA ASCA Agility Trial, Hollister, CA

  • Tahoe was the fastest qualifying dog at the trial (according to the stats)
  • Trek finally earned his last qualification legs (2 Regular) to qualify for the ASCA Agility Finals in Las Vegas this November! He also got an insurance Elite Regular leg and went 4/4 in Elite Jumpers.
  • Taiko missed taking HIT by a toenail (missed A-frame contact), but had an overall great weekend.

May 9-11 CVASC ASCA Agility Trial, Woodlake, CA

Taiko   (HIT Elite) & Annabelle (HIT Veteran) with Liza Buckner, Judge Karen Birdsong,   Rita   (HIT Open) with Geri Lu Jurey

Taiko (HIT Elite) & Annabelle (HIT Veteran) with Liza Buckner, Judge Karen Birdsong, Rita (HIT Open) with Geri Lu Jurey

  • Trek inched closer to qualifying for the 2008 ASCA agility finals by earning 3 Jumpers legs (all 2nd place to Taiko) to finish his JS-E-OP, and 15 points in Elite Regular for his RS-E.
  • Taiko had a great weekend, despite being rather pushy on his startlines. (He's so bad .. yet so good at it!). To celebrate his 4th birthday, he went 11/12 on the weekend, winning most of his classes and taking HIT Elite!

May 3-4 SWAT NADAC Trial, Albuquerque, NM

  • Reno celebrated his 7th birthday weekend by earning his OAC-V with two first places!
  • Dude won Elite Regular and two rounds of Open Jumpers! He also Qd in Novice Chances.

May 3-4 Bay Team USDAA Test, Sunnyvale, CA

  • Tahoe earned her LAA Gold on Saturday on a beautiful 4th place P3 Jumpers run! She also won P3 Gamblers, Snooker and Standard, and Qd in PSJ (1st in Rd 1, 2nd in Rd 2).
  • Trek surprised everyone by earning another Masters Standard leg; he also Qd in Relay with Taiko and Jumpers on Sunday.
  • Killy didn't make the scoreboard but had some great runs that were just near misses.
  • Taiko Qd in Relay with Trek and won Masters Gamblers!
  • Sandia had a great weekend! She Qd in both Jumpers rounds, Super Qd/3rd and then Qd in Snooker to finish her SM; took 2nd in Relay with Cayenne/Aussie and Donna Haraway for her RM!


April 26-27 SMART USDAA Test, Prunedale, CA

  • Tahoe moved closer to her LAA Gold by earning Qs in PSJ, P3 Standard (1st), P3 Jumpers (1st) and P3 Snooker. Now only 2 to go!
  • Trek returned after injury to earn two tournament Qs (clean in GP and a STP Q, now fully qualified for Scottsdale this November!) and earned another Masters Jumpers leg.
  • Killy earned another Masters Relay leg (with Heath/BC and Terry LeClair), a Snooker Super Q, and another Masters Gamblers Q!

April 10-13 Haute TRACS USDAA Tests, Dixon, CA

  • Tahoe was only entered in a few runs, but Qd in P3 Jumpers, Snooker and PVP ("T & A v2.0" with Annabelle/Aussie and Liza Buckner)!
  • Killy earned her 2nd GP Q with a fast time so now she is fully qualified for Scottsdale! She also Qd in Masters Gamblers (on a weavepole gamble no less!), Masters Pairs (with her sister Stuie and Rachel Sanders), and her team "Girls Canby Wild" (with Styx/BC & Karey Krauter and Fate/BC & Rob Michalski) earned a Team Q.
  • Taiko had a great weekend, earning several Qs (including the important ones!). He wasn't entered in Team originally but since someone had to pull, that vacated a spot. Liza and Taiko jumped on in and earned a Q with Carson/BC & Lisa Williams and Bam/BC & Tracey Golden! Going into the weekend Taiko needed 3 legs (Standard, Gamblers & Pairs) to finish his Championship. He paired with mama Tahoe on Friday and she was a bit too frisky at 22" and unfortunately went off course. He earned the Standard (5th place) and Gamblers legs on Friday and Saturday, leaving us all in suspense until Sunday morning's pairs run with sister Sandia. Luckily they made it through, earned the Q and finished his ADCH!!! He also took 9th in Steeplechase, Qd in the GP and Jumpers, earned an insurance Standard leg (also 5th) and won Snooker for another Super Q.
  • Sandia also had a great weekend, earning a Snooker Super Q, two Pairs Qs, and Qs in Standard, Jumpers & Gamblers!


March 29-30 PASA ASCA Agility and Obedience Trials, Turlock, CA

  • Tahoe was the fastest Elite dog (of all heights) on several runs, winning every class she entered that weekend. The tally included Qs in Vet 16" Jumpers, Gamblers and Regular.
  • Trek made his obedience debut, earning his ASCA with a 195 average, winning two classes and taking HIT Overall out of Novice B with 196 on Sunday! That should sit him well to qualify for the ASCA Novice Obedience Finals to be held in November in Las Vegas! He also earned his GS-E with a gamblers Q, 2 Elite Jumpers legs and two 5-point Elite Regular Qs.
  • Taiko went 9/10 and took the HIT Elite dog honors! He won several classes and posted some smoking times.

March 24 Countywide AKC Obedience Trial, Petaluma, CA

  • Taiko won Ex B Rally to finish his RE and then went on to get his first RAE leg with 1st and 4th places.

March 14-16 Columbia River Agility Club AKC Agility Trial, Albany, OR

  • Sandia finished her AX with a win and also Qd in Excellent B JWW!

March 15-16 Canine Agility Team USDAA Test, Madera, CA

  • Tahoe won P3 Jumpers, took 2nd in PSJ Rd 1 and took 2nd in P3 Snooker!
  • Taiko took 1st in 26" Masters Snooker to finish his SM!

March 7-9 Willamette Agility Group USDAA Test, Corvallis, OR

  • Sandia had a great weekend, finishing her MAD with that 3rd Masters standard leg with 2nd place, taking 2nd in Rd 1 of Steeplechase, and 2nd in Masters Gamblers!


February 24 AKC Obedience Trial, Daly City, CA

  • Taiko earned his first two legs in Excellent Rally with 1st and 2nd place ribbons; he also earned a Q in Open B!

February 16 PASA ASCA Tracking Test, Salinas, CA

  • Taiko passed the TD test in 5 minutes!

February 2-3 Vizsla Club AKC Trial, Santa Rosa, CA

  • Sandia took 1st and 2nd in Ex B JWW and 3rd in Ex B FAST!!!

February 2-3 VAST USDAA Test, Turlock, CA

  • Tahoe won another bye in PGP, and also Qd in P3 16" Std, Jumpers & Snooker!
  • Trek got his first Masters Gamblers and Standard Qs! He also Qd in Masters Jumpers!
  • Killy ... well, shall we say she came, she saw, she jumped ... and occasionally didn't jump to earn a few too many Rs..
  • Taiko had a great weekend, Qing in Masters Standard (3rd), Gamblers x 2 (2nd and Q), Pairs (4th), Jumpers (5th), Snooker, Steeplechase and GP!


January 26 Bay Team USDAA Test, Santa Rosa, CA

  • Tahoe went 4/5 with wins in Snooker and Relay, and 2nd place honors in Standard and Jumpers
  • Trek ran really well and earned another Snooker leg with a great go of it, too bad about that dropped 7!
  • Killy and Sandia took 3rd in Masters Pairs with an awesome run!
  • Taiko earned Pairs and Snooker Qs!
  • Sandia got a Super Q in addition to her Pairs Q/3rd with Killy!

January 19-20 Border Terrier Club of the Redwoods AKC Agility Trial, Santa Rosa, CA

  • Sandia took 4th in Excellent FAST on Saturday!

January 20 Santa Clara DTC AKC Obedience Trial, San Jose, CA

  • Taiko finished his RA with a score of 100 and a win! He also qualified in Open B.

January 19 Haute Dawgs CPE Trial, Elk Grove, CA

  • Tahoe went 4/5 just missing a tough L5 Jackpot, all with first places! (Qs in L5 Standard, Colors, Snooker and Fullhouse)
  • Trek went 5/5, earning 1st in L3 Jumpers, 2nd in L3 Standard, Jackpot and Fullhouse and earning a Q (placement unconfirmed) in Snooker.
  • Killy went 4/5, taking 1st in L3 Fullhouse, L3 Jackpot, L2 Colors and Qing in L3 Standard, also earning her CL2-H and CL2!

January 12-13 ACSD USDAA Test, Chula Vista, CA

  • Tahoe got her 2nd PGP Q for the 2008 season, won P3 Snooker and had a great run in P3 Jumpers (placement unknown, we had to hit the road)
  • Trek held all his startlines and ran really well, taking 5th in the 22" GP for his 2nd Q for the 2008 season; he also picked up Masters Jumpers and Snooker legs
  • Killy got her first Masters Jumpers leg with a great run!

January 12-13 WAG NADAC Trial, Elk Grove, CA

  • Taiko finished his EAC with 2nd and 3rd places, got an Open Chances leg, and finished his Novice Tunnelers and Touch N Go titles!

January 1 WAG NADAC Trial, Elk Grove, CA

  • Taiko finished his Novice Chances and Open Jumpers titles with a win, and also earned his first two Elite Regular legs with 1st and 2nd places!