Back in the saddle

Boca returned to agility this weekend, running at the NorCal Golden Retriever Kennel Club AKC agility trial in Santa Rosa.  She was short just over 150 points for Tulsa when she was bred in July and since the qualifying period ends Nov 30 we figured we'd give it a try.  While her conditioning isn't at top form and she has a few flappy appendages, she was certainly happy to return to the game!  She won her first class out of the gate (and several others) and QQd all 3 days! 

Dave also ran Cadence, QQing with her all 3 days as well and finishing her requirements for the NAC in Tulsa next March! Clearly Cadence is happy to work and get some attention for herself (those puppies sure are attention hogs!). 

In Texas Jody took on AKC herding and Buck earned his HT!  

Below are a couple videos of Boca and Cadence's runs thanks to Silvina Bruera of Agility in Motion!

Buck has brags!

While we've been focused on watching the growing pups, Jody and Buck have had some great competition runs!

ASCA Nationals - Shelbyville, TN

  • 19.5 Q's out of 26 runs - 3 Pre-Trials, Finals and Nationals
  • 5 - 1st, 3 - 2nd, 6 - 3rd, 1 - 4th, 1 - 5th (Finals Jumpers!), 3 - 6th and 1 - 17th
  • Only 2 bars dropped the entire week

Although the surface was harder than what they normally run on Buck never showed any signs of being tired or sore after their long week of trialing.   On the last day, they had 2 jumpers runs, against some dogs that only came for the Nationals and he still placed running 5.52 and 5.79 yps.

Looky here - Buck earned himself a GP Bye!

Boca is pregnant!

We took Boca in to Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center today for her ultrasound with Dr Cain and Boca is definitely pregnant!  There are maybe 7-8 pups in there, and all looked good according to the doc.  Due date is September 25, 2015.

The sire is Jody Faulkner's Buck - you can learn more about him on the page we've set up on this site

We have had a LOT of interest in this litter and a wait list is being formed.  Picks will be confirmed when the pups are 6 - 8 weeks (possibly sooner) to verify that we have the best pup/home matches possible.  We will be posting a questionnaire for those interested in being added to the wait list.  Updates will be posted on this site. 

If you have any questions, please contact us!